Thursday, 20 September 2012

Can't Believe It (Reservoir Riddim)

"Mi can't believe it, can't believe it, careful who yuh tell yuh secret, yeaah, a mi life dem waan see gone,      ghetto yutes holding on"

Dis is my new song "Can't Believe It" on the Reservoir Riddim from Young Vibes Production, big up Jamie and di whole YVP family.

Dis is a song weh mi sing from mi heart bout mi life yuh zimme. Well I sing all my songs from my heart still but dis song is just a song fi free mi mind.

So far all the fans sey dem need it like now fi listen to, hope unnu go on itunes and buy it.

Mi have some other songs coming out soon, from Kurt Riley, DJ Smurf, TJ Records, UIM and just put out a track for ZJ Liquid on the Pre-Release riddim called "Nuh Outlaw" and one on ZJ Chrome's Wild Bubble riddim called "Food Haffi Run". Nuff more music, always music tr8888

1 comment:

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