Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Naughty Girl Lyrics

By special request from the fans the lyrics for "Naughty Girl"

Song: Naughty Girl

Mi know wah she waan do,
Mi know wah she waan,
Yea, yeaaa.
She sey she waan, wine pon it, yea.
Mi tell har fi wine pon it, yea.
Do anything yuh waan, yeaaa.

She seh she waan wine up fi mi all night
She willing fi gimme that right yeah
Nuff man a look di girl becah
Popcaan a di one she waan
Mek she a wine up fi mi all night yeah
She willing fi gimme dat right yeah
Nuff man a look di girl becah
Popcaan a di one she waan

Verse 1:
She waan be a naughty girl yeah
She come from a naughty world, yeah
She nuh lame she a hotty girl
She hav di wine wey a mad mi and rock mi worl.
She waan mi lock away fi a lot of day yeah
Waan mi play wid da body deh a girl, ya, nuh ordinary,yeah
She make mi happy like holiday.


Verse 2:
Mi love  it when she
Tick a likkle pon di 12 inch bamboo
Dat, mek di feeling stronger.
She a dweet ruff like she inna anger
Har body a rub pon mi body yo
This girl is mine
When dis girl is wining up
Bumpa nuh flat like chiney
So she really did have to try mi.

Repeat Intro



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