Monday, 22 October 2012

Popcaan - "Food Haffi Run" Lyrics

Hey Chrome,
Suh me do it ha.

Ghetto yute haffi fulfil di dream
bad man tek on the road well mean
food haffi go inna di jeans.
Haffi get weh mama need.
Suh if a fi walk with me gun
food haffi run.
So me grow colder than snow
me nuh play when one in the head
suh me grow colder than snow
run the blodclaught food or yuh dead.

Verse One:
When me take on di road a nuh laugh ting
from the day me born a permanent fasting
mama seh likkle hungry a small thing
when time me hear them thing deh me cyaan sing.
 Me nuh waa hear when mama talkin
wuss me have the thing fi do barkin
every real badman learn one ting family first over all things.
So me nuh care if a khaki ,
or a blue seam or a red seam ,
the bank haffi get rob
deh pan me own from me a thirteen
lock the whole scheme suh you know seh me head mad
real bad man will dead for we thugs dem
yuh know seh we love dem,
Matches lane, Rema, De La Vega a nuh play thing a nuh sega.


Verse 2:
When baby mother call me phone vex
 a queng them a hear next
 an every ghetto youth practice dah law yah
we love money dan safe sex
suh we nuh laugh when we come fi di G's,
bare badness  so nuh beg mi nuh please
hungry dawg ear wey yo food like cheese
weh the weed lock
show me the keys remember seh…


Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Verse 2

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