Saturday, 1 December 2012

After Guyana concert and Sting, Popcaan heads to Zimbabwe

Dancehall artiste, Popcaan, has a very busy season ahead as he prepares to debut recently shot music videos, fulfills engagements both overseas and at home, while putting in some quality time in studio on his first album project.

The artiste, who has made the Caribbean his home this year, will quite appropriately spend Christmas in Guyana where he is scheduled to perform on December 25. With many of his songs doing exceptionally well on that mainland territory, Popcaan is definitely the ‘Ravin’ King’ in Guyana, a country which holds a special place in his heart.

 “The people are so friendly ….it feels just like home. The fans there have a special place in their heart for me,” he said as he pulled out his brightest smile.

Of course, fans at home will not be left out and Papi, as he is affectionately called, is set to make a supreme performance on what is dubbed the greatest one-night reggae/dancehall show on earth – Sting. The annual December 26 treat is shaping up to be quite an occasion this year and Popcaan is good and ready. He has an arsenal of hit songs, old and current, which cater to both the girls who love to gyrate and his 'rude bwoy' fans who see Popcaan as their role model and mentor.

Known in some quarters as the Gaza Prefect, Papi has matured significantly during this year, and with his ever-expanding stature as an artiste, he defies being pigeon-holed, but reiterates that his loyalty remains unchanged. For him, Sting will not be a showdown in any shape or form, it will simply present a chance for the artiste to show his mettle and thrill his fans on a show that has the reputation of catering to patrons who are “hard to please”.

“We have the songs and we have the package and I am looking forward to performing on Sting 2012,” Popcaan declared.

Right after Sting, Papi will pack his bags and head out to Zimbabwe, where reggae legend Bob Marley and the Wailers performed  in April 1980 at the official Independence Ceremony, at the invitation of the newly elected president Robert Mugabe. Many reggae acts have since performed in Zimbabwe and Popcaan has every intention of being a great musical ambassador as rings in the New Year with his first performance on African soil.


  1. Nice show last night, you set Zimbabwe on fire with a well polished act...massive dem still crazy...big up Papi