Saturday, 1 December 2012



Sold-out tours, hot new singles and intense adoration from his fans are the elements that have combined to keep acclaimed entertainer, Popcaan a main contender in the fiery furnace of dancehall juggling. Not only has he come to terms with a lot of the drama that surrounded his meteoric rise in the dancehall, Popcaan is intent on making it work for him.

Positioned as an artiste whose versatility sees him locking the town with ultra bad bwoy lyrics, while at the same time playing the role of the ultimate ladies man, as he belts out “Mi a the only man she want”, Popcaan is certainly enjoying the best of both worlds. It is little wonder that 2012 has seen him hitch his wagon to a star as he traverses the globe -- Europe, the Caribbean and Canada -- representing for dancehall as one of Jamaica’s proudest ambassadors.

“The response from countries outside of Jamaica has been awesome,” Popcaan says, still sounding a bit dazed by it all. “When I go to the Caribbean, the fans there know every song word-for-word. They expect to hear all the songs in my catalogue and they don’t want one verse either, they demand the entire song… and I am only too happy to sing it all for them,” declares the MOBO nominated artiste.

Papi, as he is affectionately called, has already visited the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago twice for this year, and he is headed for Tobago again this weekend. He also recently returned from Europe where, according to reports, the response to Popcaan is nothing short of “ridiculous”. He toured Europe in June and, based on the resounding success of that trip, he returned early in November, which saw him doing cities such as Paris, Bordeaux, Orleans, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Rome. Songs like “Ravin,” “Party Shot", “Only Man She Want” and especially "Get Gal Easy" and "The System" were definite crowd-pleasers and, with his developing skills, Popcaan has been mixing in the newer songs with the blockbusters and leaving  his fans satisfied with hour-long performances.

And, although the demand for him overseas has spiked, Popcaan remains true to his local fan base, giving a dazzling performance at the Arthur Guinness show held in October. “Home is really where the heart is. I love to perform for fans outside of Jamaica and I enjoy the fact that music has the power to unite people of different cultures, but there is nowhere like home,” the man who earned the title, Gaza Prefect stated.

Among his more recent offerings are "Food Haffi Run", which peaked at number one in the UK and which is getting quite a bit of love locally, and So We Do It, for which he is in the process of shooting the video. 

Booked solid for the upcoming festive season, which includes Sting and a concert in Colombia (South America) where he will be opening for Shaggy, Popcaan will also be busy in studio working on his debut album.

“We have assembled a team of producers and I am really excited about this album project. It’s my first, so it will definitely be something to talk about,” stated the man who the UK-based BB Radio 1Xtra chose as one of their 'Hot 20 for 2012’. 


  1. I love Poppy & his amazing music!!! One ting mi wan know is when yuh ah forward ah foreign???!!!